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3 Benefits of Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Posted on November 28 2012

Jamaican Black Castor Oil might be one of the most popular organic choices for hair and skin care on the market. There are millions of beauty products on the market, but few of them contain just one natural ingredient. Castor oil that comes from the seed of castor plants grown in Jamaica is also referred to as JBCO. Jamaican Black Castor Oil from places like Simply Organic offers a wide range of benefits for hair and skin care

JBCO Benefit #1: Hair Growth

Women with curly, dry, and thinning hair have been increasingly turning to Jamaican Black Castor Oil. JBCO soaks into the scalp quickly, offering a nearly instant moisturizing affect to fix flaking and dry scalp issues. This oil is not overly thick, but is not too thin either, creating a well balanced hair oiling product. Jamaican Black Castor Oil is known to also seal in moisture, one of the reasons many with thinning hair turn to this organic, 100% natural option.

JBCO Benefit #2: Massage Therapy

Although used more by those with thinning and unhealthy hair, JBCO also offers a range of other uses as well, including massage therapy. Since Jamaican Black Castor Oil can be easily heated to a comfortable temperature, it is often the choice of massage therapists who want to offer an organic alternative to other oils on the market. Since companies like Simply Organic offer solutions with no additives and preservatives, massage enthusiasts often turn to such companies for a non-irritating option.

JBCO Benefit #3: Skin Moisturizer

It isn’t magic, but JBCO has more uses than you might expect. Skin moisturizers come in all shapes and sizes, with a million and one chemicals and price tags. For around $10 USD, individuals can toss out half of their beauty regimen and use Jamaican Black Castor Oil for additive-free skin moisturizing.  Castor oil from Jamaica offers benefits for skin that include soothing from irritation, detoxification, cleansing, nourishment, infection and abrasion healing, and, of course, moisturizing.

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